The Very Best Clinical Staff
At Number 11 we resource our clinical specialists from our existing network of 5 full-time residential clinics. We select the most suitable professionals to assist you.
One of the greatest difficulties faced by other exclusive clinics is their difficulty in getting quality staff at short notice. This has caused some notably poor treatment experiences. Our own extensive network of clinics guarantees we will never face this challenge.

A home away from home

The Most Experienced Staff
In every field, having long-term experience is one of the most valuable qualities of top professionals. Having decades of experience working with complex clinical cases equips our staff with skills to quickly and effectively find the correct working combination of therapeutic approaches.  Having worked exclusively for private clients this whole time means we understand the social and professional pressures of our client’s lives.
Being located in the UK means our clinics and our staff are regulated by some of the most rigorous medical and clinical authorities in the world. We won’t offer you ‘magical’ quick fixes but instead will share with you the best research-based clinical practice in the world today.

an opportunity for a new start


7 Bedrooms and on three floors, this beautiful country mansion combines elegance and luxury, with its own private swimming pool and private gated entrance.

and to build a new future